M̓i tel'nexw Leadership Society

M̓i tel'nexw Leadership Society transforms leadership and organizations with experiential training grounded in Squamish teachings and history. We work with organizations who want to activate decolonizing practices, indigenization and commitments to reconciliation. 

Founded by Chepximiya Siyam’ Chief Janice George & Skwetsimeltxw Willard ‘Buddy’ Joseph, of L’hen Awtxw Weaving House, and Ta7talíya Michelle Nahanee & Lloyd Attig, from Decolonizing Practices, to weave our Indigenous excellence together in service of social change we see as an awakening.

 M̓i tel'nexw means to “figure it out” let’s do that work together.

Introducing M̓i tel'nexw Leadership Transformation

Our New 4-Week Seminar

M̓i tel'nexw Leadership Transformation is a 4-part online seminar designed to share teachings of Indigenous resilience that can be applied by everyone in every organization now. Prioritizing balance, interconnection, reciprocity and seven-generations decision-making are a few of the tangible outcomes our community of learners will develop. We share our culture and history through an appreciative lens and are excited to share how Squamish peoples have continued to thrive through adversity.

Ready to unlearn, learn and relearn from Squamish Elders and Decolonial Facilitators?

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  • The Eagle, Ways of Seeing

    Skwetsimeltxw Willard ‘Buddy’ Joseph will start your leadership transformation with an eagle view of local history from a Squamish lens to support you to see differently.

  • The Salmon, Ways of Being

    Lloyd Attig will share holistic ways of being including living in balance and interconnection with respect for all. We each have personal and professional ecologies to live in good relations with.

  • The Mountain Goat, Ways of Doing

    Chepximiya Siyam’ Chief Janice George will teach you how to build a strong foundation for your leadership by making deep connections to the land we live on.

  • The Cedar, Ways of Knowing

    Ta7talíya Michelle Nahanee connects the Squamish practice of brushing off to the decolonizing practice of unlearning supremacy.

  • Live Webinars (recorded for flexibility)

    The course will start on September 17, 2020. We'll have 4 (four) Live trainings on Thursdays @ 9:30am-11:30am PST with recordings available if you aren't able to make it Live.

  • Custom Bookings

    Want to bring M̓I TEL'NEXW Leadership Transformation to your department or organization? With 20+ learners, you can book a customized day-long course or break it into two days. awakening@mitelnexw.org

Ready to Register?

M̓i tel'nexw Leadership Transformation is for leaders who want to unlearn supremacy and apply Indigenous teachings to their work. If you are ready to see, know, be and do differently, this course is for you. And by leaders, we mean anyone who is courageous enough to stand up and ask how they can contribute to an equitable future for all of our descendants.

We Start September 17, 2020

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"Michelle’s work has created a foundation of trust and respect and a new way forward..."

Karen Elliott, Mayor, District of Squamish

Michelle is a skilled facilitator, a truth teller, and a creator of invitations and opportunities that draw people into a conversation. With professionalism, personality and skill she led a group of non-Indigenous people into a discussion about colonization and its impacts. Instead of the conversation creating stressful tension, it created curiosity, self-reflection and opened up the group to sharing thoughts and ideas at a deeper level. Not only did we learn about Indigenous history, customs and ways of knowing, we learned more about our shared history and tangible ways we could move forward in building relationship and creating opportunities for reconciliation. Michelle’s work has created a foundation of trust and respect and a new way forward in our relationship with our First Nations colleagues.

"Michelle is an awesome facilitator."

Marina Jozipovic, MES, Urban Systems

Michelle is an awesome facilitator. What stood out to us the most was how she created a safe and open space to learn about complex and difficult-to-talk-about concepts. The activities not only challenged us but served to bring our team together in an incredibly meaningful way. She walks the talk, modelling leadership and care and showing that decolonization starts with each one of us. The Decolonizing Practices workshop energized the conversation in our office and provided a framework for reflecting on ourselves and our professional practices. Thanks Michelle!

"Hand to heart to Michelle and Lloyd for this gift!"

Tim Fox, Vice President, Indigenous Relations, Calgary Foundation

Calgary Foundation has committed to strengthening relationships with Indigenous communities in a variety of ways. One of those ways is incorporating a systems change approach, internally, that informs our current system of knowledge and practice in an effort to mobilize reconciliation. Decolonizing Practices, Sínulhkay and Ladders, is a powerful experience that challenges the mental models that exist in our personal and professional spaces. It also encourages and supports participants to unpack dialogue that is difficult to tackle at times. From the words of our CEO, “The best way to change a system is to change attitudes and beliefs”. Decolonizing practices has contributed to a shift in our beliefs and attitudes and will continue to help us surface tangible next steps as we move forward in our journey of learning for reconciliation. Hand to heart to Michelle and Lloyd for this gift!

Custom Bookings for 20+ Learners

Want to bring M̓i tel'nexw Leadership to your department or organization for a day-long course or break it into two days? Click the button below and send us the dates you're interested in and how many people, and we'll be in touch!